Is it time to play?

December 14th at 7.30pm was our last show for 2018, a playful Micetro in support of Heart Kids.   Our shows and classes for 2019 will start up soon, The Ferris Wheel and Lovecrafted happening in the 2019 Fringe Festival in March.

If you’d like to learn improv from the beginning for yourself (or rediscover it after a break), WIT’s evening class The Joy of Improv has run in cheerful co-operation with the Wellington Community Education Centre for more than ten years.  Our next course starts Thursday May 9th, and you can signup now. 

Have you already completed WIT’s Joy of Improv course, or have similar experience with another troupe?  Our intermediate Next Step – Improv for the Stage  course runs twice a year, usually timed for after every-other Joy of Improv.  Our next course starts Thursday May 9th and you can signup now. 

WIT also has regular improv sessions for people who’ve completed basic training, either with WIT or the equivalent somewhere else.  WIT’s Tuesdays are usually in the Mezzanine Room at Wellington Central Library, but occasionally we train elsewhere, for example if the building’s owners need to use the space. Also, we’re going to take a break over Xmas – our last Tuesday session for the year will be on December 11th, and officially we’ll restart on January 22nd.

Tuesday February 19th – Ferris Wheel
What: Interwoven stories, set on a slowly spinning wheel
Led by: Hayley
Time: 6-8pm
Where: Wellington Central Library, Mezzanine room
Complicated instructions: Walk through the main sliding doors, go up the stairs towards the cafe. Turn left at the top of the stairs and left again past the lifts. Door to the room is just past the lifts, sort of hidden in the corner.
Cost: Koha

Coming up Tuesdays:  Ferris Wheel,  dynamic and dramatic characters with stories to tell

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