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Is it time to play Safely? Darn heck it is

News just in?

Oh I’ve never done much improv – where do I start? 

If you’re looking for a grounding in the essentials of improv (or a delightful refresher) eight weeks of The Joy of Improvisation on Thursday nights is perfect.  Term 3 is underway, but Term 4 starts October 20th, book early so you get to play.   The next-step Improv for the Stage is ideal if you’ve done The Joy  or the equivalent with another troupe.  It also runs on Thursday nights and next runs October 20th.  These classes have run on Thursdays in cheerful association with the Wellington Community Education Centre at Wellington High School since forever (or at least 2003).   If you’d like more information, contact us.

WIT’s Tuesday training
WIT has regular Tuesday night improv sessions in the Wellington CBD for people who’ve completed basic training, either with WIT or the equivalent somewhere else.   Sometimes we have special guest tutors, but most sessions are led by experienced volunteer WIT trainers.  There’s a break over the Xmas holidays, and there are also occasional nights off when a WIT show is opening or for other special reasons (eg the NZ Improv Festival, or if the Covid levels change), signup to the newsletter or follow WIT’s Facebook page for the most current of info.

Our current venue is Te Auaha, 65 Dixon St,  on level 5 in Studio 3/4 (left through the doors by the lift to the end of the corridor).  Sometimes though the room changes so just check at the desk when you come in if we’re not where you expect.

Under Covid setting orange, Te Auaha asks us to wear a mask in public spaces.  And if you want to wear a mask during class, of course you can, although they are now optional.  But obv, please, stay the heck home if you’ve any symptoms of the thing!

Improv Workouts for August  at Te Auaha

What:  Playful improv in a large well ventilated studio space!
Where:  6-8pm Tuesday nights
Cost:  koha towards the room is welcome, but it’s you we want
Where:  Te Auaha, 65 Dixon Street.  For the next few months we’re in Studio 3/4 on Level 5 (when you exit the lift area turn left, it’s at the far end of the floor).  If ever we’re not where you expect, check in with the ground floor security person

Do you have a question?  Please contact us through our Facebook page  or try this handy form. If you’d like to keep up with WIT’s training plans sign up to our weekly email Newsletter and you’ll know all the things!