Performers in WIT improv show Micetro as the winner is crowned

Is it time to play?

Shows: Improv Goulash is hapening 7.15pm on Sunday November 24th in the Powwow Room, Courtenay Place.  Something like a regular jam (with games and scenes and songs), only bigger and meatier to celebrate the end of a busy year.   Other improv groups are invited too.

If you’d like to learn improv from the beginning for yourself (or rediscover it after a break), WIT’s evening class The Joy of Improv has run in cheerful co-operation with the Wellington Community Education Centre for more than ten years.  Our next course starts in February 2020, we’ll put a link here as soon as the WCEC start taking bookings (usually from the first week in December).

Have you already completed WIT’s Joy of Improv course, or have similar experience with another troupe?  Our intermediate Next Step – Improv for the Stage  course runs twice a year, usually timed for after every-other Joy of Improv.  Our next course starts in February 2020, there’ll be a link here as soon as the WCEC start taking bookings (usually from the first week in December). 

WIT also has regular improv sessions for people who’ve completed basic training, either with WIT or the equivalent somewhere else.  WIT’s member Tuesdays are now held at Te Auraha in Dixon St.  Note that we’ll be taking an improv-holiday from mid December to mid January.

Tuesday November 12th – Relationship Workout
What – scenes on stage work when there’s a strong connection between characters, tonight we’ll play with how to make *that* magic happen
When – 6-8pm
Where – Level 5, 65 Dixon St, in the “curtain” studio, turn right as you come out of the lifts
Cost – Koha towards the room would be delightful if you can

Coming up Tuesdays:  Theme for November is teams

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