Is it time to play?

WIT kicking off 2018 with episodes of The Return of the Attack of the Killer-B Movie (next is January 27th), and looking forward with anticipation to the Fringe Festival and Late Night Puppets (at 6.30pm)  from February 28th.

Did you know Wellington now has it’s own actual Improv Theatre?!   Of course we still love BATS and The Fringe Bar and all the other great spaces about Welly where improv happens, but an actual improv theatre!!   WIT wishes Richard all the best as he gets The Scruffy Bunny Improv Theatre up and running (in the ground floor of the Reading Centre in Courtney Place), and we look forward to WIT’s being among the brilliant and daring  bunch of shows that’ll be happening there.

If you’d like to learn improv from the beginning for yourself (or rediscover it after a break), WIT’s evening class The Joy of Improv has run in cheerful co-operation with the Wellington Community Education Centre for more than ten years.  Enroll now for the next course, which starts Thursday February 2018

Have you already completed WIT’s Joy of Improv course, or have similar experience with another troupe?  Our intermediate Next Step Improv course runs twice a year, usually timed for after every-other Joy of Improv. Enroll now for the next course, which starts May 10th.

WIT also has regular improv sessions for people who’ve completed basic training, either with WIT or the equivalent somewhere else.  WIT’s Tuesdays are usually in the Mezzanine Room at Wellington Central Library, but occasionally we have to go elsewhere, for example if the City Council need to use it.

WIT Tuesday Training restarts on Tuesday February 6th with an all in anyone-can-play intro to improv!
where:  Wellington Central Library, Mezzanine Room
when: 6-8pm, Tuesday February 6th
cost: FREEEE
In Association with Wimprov: Wellington’s oh-so-casual improv meetup community

Do you have a question?  Please contact us through our Facebook page or try this handy form.   If you’d like to keep up with WIT’s training plans do sign up to our email Newsletter and you’ll know all the things!