About WIT

To contact us, either use this handy form, or if you are a traditionalist, write to Wellington Improvisation Troupe, PO Box 5483, Wellington – we love to hear from you.

The Wellington Improvisation Troupe (WIT) is Wellington’s not-for-profit, community-based improvisational theatre group. WIT performs and teaches the skills of improvisational theatre at community venues around the Wellington region.

Theatre is made up on the spot by some of Wellington’s leading improvisers and courageous newcomers alike, based on suggestions from the audience. WIT players share a love of storytelling and work together as a team to inspire the audience. WIT theatre is sometimes serious, often hilarious and always totally unpredictable.

In 2003 performers from the Micetro show that won the New Zealand International Fringe Festival Best Comedy Award decided it was about time they formed a group that had a name. WIT brought together many of Wellington’s improvoholics, out of work actors and bored public servants. The group welcomes people from all walks of life, and a decade and then some years later is going strong.