Our People

WIT welcomes people from all walks of life and improvisers at all levels of experience and skill. Made up of itinerant theatre professionals, bored public servants, confused stand-up comedians, desperate homemakers, cut-throat corporate sociopaths, nervous public speakers and relapsed improvoholics, we are altogether unique in New Zealand. We aim to provide pathways for all players.

The WIT Committee is selected from and elected by members at an Annual General Meeting, with other members occasionally seconded as needed. Serving WIT for 2018-2019 are

  • Co-ordinator: Brenton Hodgson
  • Creative Directors:  Ali Little and Hayley Webster
  • Treasurer: Mike Webster
  • Secretary: Tristram Domican

WIT maintains an actively training and performing membership of about thirty to forty adults with a roughly even number of men and women.