Anton Van Helden

Anton van Helden

A founding member of WIT, Anton ( /‘Un’ton van Helden’/) brings together the unholy mix of marine mammal scientist, magician, singer, clarinet and mandolin player, cartoonist and improviser.  An unforgettable, highly-realistic performance of an improvised song entitled “Sweaty Man” landed him the first of his many improv trophies in 2001, with other contestants literally throwing in their towels. From such humble beginnings, Anton’s quirky characters have graced numerous WIT shows.

He has also been heavily involved over the years teaching as part of the Improv courses taught at the Wellington Community Education Centre. Trying to emulate the musical stylings of a humpback whale, this big man loves to sing – he put the blues in Blue Whale.

Show history includes:

The Last Saloon
A Christmas Cracker
The Young and the Witless
Gods and Heroes
The Wishing Tree
The All-New Old-Time Radio Show