Battle of WITs, Fringe Festival 2004

BOW flyerAn epic clash of comedians where YOU decide the winner!
Wed 18th – Sun 22nd February
Battle of WITs is the all-new improvised comedy show from the Wellington Improvisation Troupe (WIT).

“‘Battle of WITs!’ will unleash comedy carnage on a scale never before seen in the capital! Well. at least not since our award-winning ‘micetro’ show in 2003.” says WIT’s co-creative director Julian Wilson, “Nine improvisers start the show, only one finishes. Blood will be spilt. Which is a shame because it’s really hard to get the stains out of my jumper.”

Scenes, songs and stories are made up on the spot by Wellington’s leading improvisers and gutsy newcomers alike, armed only with their wits! Split randomly into teams throughout the night, players must work together in order to sway the audience, whose vote, after each round, determines who gets to live on… or fall on the sword of death!

“The showdown in the final round has been known in the past to cause more than it’s fair share of heart failure amongst our audience”, explains Wilson.

Never…will so many…die laughing…at so little.