Improvisors trampling the tiny city of Paris to win a giant prize cup

Battle of WITs – Fringe 2020


Improv is not the game played with the round balls or even with the squishy-shaped balls, and the venue is no grassy paddock: this is Battle of WITs. Original improvised theatre will be made up before your very eyes and YOU decide which team is the best on the night.

Battle of WITs was The Wellington Improvisation Troupe’s very first official show after the group officially formed in 2003. The format hasn’t been played it in a few years, but in a wave of unrepentant nostalgia WIT declared it time to unleash the high energy high stakes competition again. AND to invite other troupes to put their troops into the high stakes onstage battles too.

This Fringe there’ll be three nights of hard-out heats, and a Grande Finale on the last night. The ultimate winners will take home a glorious trophy to prove that they are the ones who have what it takes to win improv gold.

Talented improvisers will boldly risk life and limb to conjure up scenes on the spot, aiming to outwit and outlast their competitors. The audience will decide who perishes and who prevails, so come along, pick your favourites and make them champions!

“The format mixes experienced players and adorably bold newcomers,” says Ali Little, the show’s creative director. She claims that anything could happen as stories and songs and scenes are created from nothing more than audience suggestions and player inspiration. “It should be a wild ride”.

What: Battle of WITs
Who: The Wellington Improvisation Troupe (WIT) and Invited Guests
When: Wednesday 11 March to Saturday 14 March, 6.30pm
Where: Te Auaha Tapere Iti, 65 Dixon St, Wellington

Visit the FRINGE for tickets and a bunch (a slew, a cascade a cornucopia) of other great shows,  WIT’s Facebook for the latest details, team photos and gossip about this show.