Profile pic Brenton Hodgson

Brenton Hodgson

Brenton’s fell into improv by way of the WIT courses at Wellington High School, somewhere around 2008. He has since performed in, directed and produced Micetro seasons, and brought his enthusiasm for mildly mad science to WIT shows such as Gorilla, Puppets vs People, Attack of the Killer-B Movie and Lovecrafted.

Behind the scenes at WIT, Brenton has served as Treasurer, Coordinator and lighting operator and is passionate about encouraging members to take on new challenges in the company.  He has been to the Loose Moose summer school in Canada, Improvention in Canberra and Impro Amsterdam in Amsterdam, claiming the combination of travel and improv is a perfect way to vacation, since improvisors everywhere are quite the loveliest people.

Away from WIT, Brenton is qualified in electronics, IT and marine biology, and is working on a military grade robot-dolphin hybrid.  He is a fully qualified doctor in the sense that he played a TV doctor for  several seasons of Star Trek in the Park.  Married to another improvisor, he now has shares in four children, two grandchildren and two dogs.