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2013 – A Christmas Cracker, 10 Year Reunion

Yuletide laughs December 10th to 13th 2013!

Wellington Improv Troupe (WIT) was proud to present another season of its successful ‘Christmas Cracker’ mix of improvised comedy shows. This year saw seven shows selected from WITs ten years of performing improvised comedy in Wellington.

“They are a lively group . . . see for yourself ” Theatreview

battle of witsBattle of WITS – Tuesday 10th December 7pm
Hot team on team all-in all-out over the top improv action! Teams of intrepid improvisors will battle it out to be crowned the champions. Choose your favourites and help them vanquish all rivals. The show that started it all!

thrills and swoon iconThrills & Swoon – Tuesday 10th December 8:30pm
Quivering bodices. Dark brooding eyes. Unbridled passion. Inspired by the romance novels you pretend not to read, stories and scenes will be created on the spot, as fresh as an innocent flower waiting to be plucked. First seen at NZ International Comedy Festival 2013.

iconsgorillaminiGorilla Theatre – Wednesday 11th December 7pm
It’s the law of the jungle as a crew of seasoned improvisers take turns directing their opponents – creating scenes, stories, sagas or songs before your eyes in a bid to win your approval. And bananas. And one unusually personable Gorilla. A licensed format from the International Theatresports Institute and one of WIT’s mainstays.

iconsduetsminiDuets – Wednesday 11th December 8:30pm
Two improvisors. One stage. No limits. Three pairs will take to the stage with only each other to rely on, and no limits to where the improv takes them. First seen Christmas Cracker 2012.


iconsdivasminiDivas ReUnited – Thursday 12th December 7pm
The Improv Divas performed their first WIT show back in 2004, and since then some amazing performers have been part of the group. Enjoy some of the best of the best on stage in a special reunion show!

iconsloveminiLove Possibly – Thursday 12th 8.30pm
Will there be love? Well, uh, possibly. There’ll likely be love, laughter, betrayal, awkwardness and any number of other human conditions, pinned to the stage like sparkly butterflies for dissection with a sharp improv knife. An original Improv Divas format.

iconsmicetominiMicetro – Friday 12th Dec 7pm
A raucous evening of spontaneity mixing beloved improv games, charismatic humility, and audience suggestions to create an utterly unique night of entertainment that will never be seen again!


Show photos

Improv Divas hashtag

# Divas

For one night only, on the opening night of the 2013 New Zealand Improv Festival, WIT’s Improv Divas present . . . Hashtag Divas.   

What’s really going on behind those cheery smugdates we all see on our Facebook timelines? In scenes inspired by real-life Facebook updates, the Divas explore this pervasive social medium where everyone’s lives are on display – but the truth is a lot harder to pin down.

The Improv Divas, New Zealand’s only all-female all-improvised comedy act, in an entertaining evening of on-the-spot storytelling.

Nicola Pauling
Kate Wilson
Mary Little


Date(s) – 17/09/2013
9:30 pm – 10:30 pm
BATS Theatre

show photographs: A Little Art

WIT show posters

Divas and the Beast, 2012


Divas and the Beast ran as part of the 2012 Fringe

Festival, February 23 – 26 at BATS Theatre, and featured WIT’s Improv Divas. described the show as “a good concept well executed”.

Troublesome neighbours? Difficult spouses? Offensive bosses? Never fear! The Improv Divas (NZ’s only all woman improv act) are here with a brand new show that takes on the hassles of modern life and offers purely improvised solutions.

Taking inspiration from the magazine columns & TV style ‘Agony Aunt’ programmes of old, Divas and the Beast serve up performances to both educate and delight the audience.

Let the Improv Divas take on your beast. No problem too big, too small or too taboo.

WIT show posters

The Improv Divas 2010

Improv DivasWellington welcomes back The Improv Divas

The Improv Divas are back! NZ’s leading ladies of improv are ready to rock the capital with an all new, all improvised show in 2010’s International Comedy Festival.
Produced and performed by an all-female ensemble cast from Wellington Improvisation Troupe (WIT), The Improv Divas will lead you through an hour of humour, honesty and hilarity, telling stories made up on the spot based on audience suggestion and whatever the ever-present wind blows in. Continue reading

WIT show posters

Improv Angels, 2008

flyer_improangels_aug08“A slow burn that really delivers”   Theatreview

April at Bats, and August at The Blue Note Bar.

Cast: Clare Kerrison, Christine Brooks, and Jen Mason, Anna Burns and Merrilee McCoy.

The reviewer from Salient complained, “I laughed so hard I couldn’t see” and described the Angels as “a veritable squadron of wonderful”.


WIT show posters

Saturday Night Divas, 2007

Saturday Night Divasat BATS, Wellington, from 10 May 2007 to 12 May 2007


The foxy ladies of improv comedy are back in “Saturday Night Divas” – three funkadelic nights of stories, songs and scenes made up on the spot. As part of the New Zealand International Comedy Festival, BATS Theatre will play host to the Improv Divas as they shed their daggy daytime cardigans and reveal the dazzling divas within.

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WIT show posters

Improv Divas in Diva Fever, 2004

Improv DivasFrom a BATS Theatre press release, 14 January 2004

Diva Fever! Season: Thursday 15 – Saturday 17 January Time: 8pm Tickets: $15 waged $10 concession

New Zealand’s all-female improvisation act the Improv Divas is back! The Improv Divas’ latest improvised comedy show Diva Fever! premieres at BATS on Thursday.

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