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Library to close (darnit) so WIT will train elsewhere

WIT people at the Library on a Tuesday

WITsters at the Library on a Tuesday

WIT was sad to learn that the lovely Wellington Central Library is now closed, at least for a good long while, for building safety reasons.  This means that our regular Tuesday night training space, the oh so commodious mezzanine community meeting room is no longer available either.

For Tuesday 26th March 6-8pm we will be at 49 Courtenay Place, the Fringe home of the Scruffy Bunny.  After that, well, the committee is making some phone calls!   We’ll find another place to play, and let you know as soon as we can.

Congratulations to the new committee!

The WIT Committee is selected from and elected by members at an Annual General Meeting, with other members occasionally seconded as needed.  This year because WIT’s accounts were not yet available for review when the AGM was held on June 12th, an extra ‘Special General Meeting’ will held soon (before the end of July).   However the members present decided to work through all the other business on the agenda, so, serving WIT for 2017-2018 are


New place to play in Wellington!

Did you know Wellington now has it’s own actual Improv Theatre?!   Of course we still love BATS and The Fringe Bar and all the other great spaces about Welly where improv happens, but an actual improv theatre!!   WIT wishes Richard all the best as he gets The Scruffy Bunny Improv Theatre up and running (in the ground floor of the Reading Centre, 100 Courtney Place), and we look forward to WIT’s being among the brilliant and daring  bunch of shows that’ll be happening there.

Scruffy Bunny Improv Theatre

nzif 2015 WIT Cruise

2015 NZIF Royal Equinox Adventure Cruise!

A show born from a love of Wes Anderson films, set on a cruise like no other. Taking inspiration from familiar Anderson themes like difficult families, the loss of innocence, and unlikely friendships.  Symmetry, simplicity, and strangely sympathetic weirdos in WIT’s latest reimagining – the Royal Equinox Adventure Cruise.

A premiere to open the New Zealand Improv Festival from its founding company, The Royal Equinox Adventure was Annika Naschitzki’s directorial debut and stared Kate Wilson, Guanny Liu-Prosee, Mary Little,  Matt Powell, Lyndon Hood and Matt Hutton (aka the music man).

The Wellington Improvisation Troupe (WIT) is Wellington’s not-for-profit, community-based improvisational theatre group. WIT players share a love of storytelling and work together as a team to inspire the audience. WIT theatre is sometimes serious, often hilarious and always totally unpredictable.


This show happened already!

The Propeller Stage at BATS Theatre
1 Kent Terrace, Wellington, 6011