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Return of the Attack of the Killer B-Movie

“If you’ve ever enjoyed a heaped helping of cheesy retro cinema goodness, this should put a grin on your face ”   Review of WIT’s Attack of the Killer B-Movie! During the 2016 Fringe

Hilarious titles. Ridiculous Monsters. All improvised.

WIT brings you an improvised show following the classic elements of B-Movies. Join our unsuspecting cast, as a series of unfortunate events lead them to a horrifying discovery… who will survive? Who will find love? And why is the phone always dead when you need to call for help?!

The story will be shaped by suggested movie titles given to the cast by the audience – see what we create for you!

For 2018, WE’RE BACK, in the Scruffy Bunny Improv Theatre from April 7th, and every fortnight from then until further notice.  So, see you on (mostly) Saturday nights at (mostly) 8.30pm

Saturday 8 September – Scruffy Bunny 8.30pm
Wednesday 19 September – Massey University Lunchtime Arts, Theatre Lab, 5D14, Wellington, 12.30 to 1.30
Saturday 22 September – Scruffy Bunny, 8.30pm
Saturday 6 October – Scruffy Bunny, 8.30pm
Saturday 13 October – Palmy Fringe Festival Special Workshop 10am-1pm and 2 Shows, 3pm and 6pm, all at Globe Theatre!
Saturday 20th we are taking a break, as it’s the NZ Improv Festival!
Wednesday 31st October is Halloween! We’re mashing it up with Attack of the Killer Puppets, 7pm at the Scruffy Bunny


Tickets to the regular Saturday shows available from Eventfinda or just rock up for Doorsales  $10

Visit our Facebook Event Page for the latest details, show photos, cast gossip and the rest.

cast and crew

Would you like a copy of our poster for your very own?  Or, perhaps to pin on a notice board where lots of people will see it??  Here’s a handy A4 pdf then!  B-Movie Poster July 2018