Dianne Pulham


Originally a script actor, Dianne has been improvising since 2008.  Her natural humour, kindness, storytelling and performative nature serve her well in improvisation. In her home town of Dunedin, Dianne performed and taught as a senior member of Improsaurus. In 2014 she crossed the seas to perform in America at the AACT World Festival and wrote the introduction training manual for Improsaurus. Later in 2014 Dianne sailed Wellington and joined WIT, fresh off the boat.

Dianne’s favourite type of improvisation is long-form and she enjoys bringing out her physicality on stage.  Dianne has a BA in Theatre, English and TESOL with a GDipCom in Commerce, and a full-marketing job.  She served WIT as Secretary, and enjoys assisting with marketing stage shows as well.

Dianne’s interests include Batman, lions, learning and more Batman.