Jennifer O'Sullivan

Jennifer O’Sullivan

Jen is a Wellington based improvisor, but has also worked as a front of house manager, producer, publicist, comedian, MC, set designer and freelance writer.  She’s also put in solid time for WIT on the Committee, including as a Creative Director.

She has performed, produced, marketed and directed improv in some form or another for over half her life, and there are no signs of slowing down. Most recently seen directing and producing the sixth season of Wellington Improvisation Troupe’s beloved improvised soap opera, The Young and the WITless, she also produced of the 2013 New Zealand Improv Festival, along with comedy and theatre with Kickin Rad Productions and Hair of the Dog Productions.  In 2014 she was shared the “Spirit of the Fringe” for the Fringe Festival.  Generally awesome, during her improv career she’s trained & performed with Wellington Improvisation Troupe, The Improvisors, The Spontaneity Shop, Impro Box, and Impro Melbourne.

On Impro:

…Extremely clever and funny and quick witted

I laughed so hard I couldn’t see

She’s bloody hilarious!

On produced work:

“Fresh and original”

“Well worth engaging with”

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