WIT show posters

Last Saloon, 2012

An improvised western

Welcome to the unwritten frontier, where everyone is wild at heart, and every stranger brings a story. WIT’s latest show seeks to evoke the Wild West, exploring character without limits and comedy where no laws apply. Playing with the darker, rougher side to the International Comedy Festival it opens at the venerable BATS Theatre on 15 May 2012 at 6:30pm.

The actors find the comedy in the rich characters and foreboding atmosphere of tension that the Western genre provides. This show will truly be a journey into uncharted, unscripted territory, and the audience is invited along for the ride.

The Posse: Christine Brooks, Geoff Simmons (Director), Anton van Helden, Nicola Pauling, Adam Williamson, Kate Wilson, Barry Miskimmin and Danni Taylor

What the Reviewers said
“heading up the pathway of Western stereotype heaven . . .  It is quite something to pull together nine people on stage at the same time and maintain chemistry”