profile pic Susan Williams

Susan Williams

Functionally blind, Susan lives in a world of sound, and is passionate about sharing this with others. The skills of listening and communication are vital to her life, and to a good scene. The truly exciting thing is, when you take the image out of the equation, there is nothing you cannot create onstage.

Susan is a qualified actor, who has been improvising since 2013, and is happiest without a script in her hand, which is good because she wouldn’t be able to read it.   She co-directed  Stories for the Darkest Night at the 2018 NZ Improv Festival, and played a very dubious cook in Lovecrafted during the 2019 Fringe Festival.


Profile pic Lyndon Hood

Lyndon Hood

Lyndon brings rich shades of the thespian, clown and professional wordsmith to his improvising, and has been part of WIT as a performer and senior trainer since forever.  Most recently seen onstage in WIT’s 2019 Fringe Festival show Lovecrafted, he was the original auteur for Attack of the Killer-B movie and voice of The Rabbit in Attack of the Killer Puppets.   He is rumoured to be a furtive collector of masks and brewer of mysterious beverages in his spare time, and occasionally takes to the stage for proper plays with scripts. 

Profile Mike Webster

Mike Webster

No man has shinier shoes or a snazzier tophat than this man.  A performer, trainer, singer, our treasurer and an actual treasure, Mike has played in shows with WIT from Nelson to Palmerston North, although mostly in Wellington, where he’s been part of of the improv scene since 2012.    Going from strength to strength on stage, in 2016-18 he was part of the core cast of Attack of the Killer-B Movie, and in 2019 he was crowned Micetro, and played a sinisterly well-dressed janitor in Lovecrafted.

profile Matt Carroll

Matt Carroll

By day Matt is thought to do something involving computers, but by night he is variously an improvisor, a musician or even that most special of performers, a musical improvisor.   He’s performed in and musically supported WIT’s Fringe and Comedy Festival shows since 2018, included playing an undead university professor in 2019’s Lovecrafted.  

Profile pic Lorraine Ward

Lorraine Ward

Lorraine joined WIT more than a decade and a half ago, and has been entertaining us (and our audiences) ever since.  She’s been part of Comedy and Fringe Festival shows, regular Micetros and more, most recently devising a spectacular Haiku-based game that will be making it’s way into a stage show soon.  In her spare time she is a poet, a model, an actress and a standup comedian, occasionally all at once. 

profile Colin Macmillan

Colin Macmillan

No one is quite sure when Colin slipped into improvising with WIT, one day it was as if he’d always been here.   He’s played in comedy festival and fringe festival shows, and was part of the crew that took Attack of the Killer-B Movie to the 2018 Palmerston North Fringe.   

Profile pic Hedy Manders

Hedy Manders

Hedy has long enjoyed escaping from her very serious career in the Public Service to the wonderful world of improv.

She is a regular performer and show-host with a special affinity for Puppets, and was able to bring her next-level-geek knowledge to serve Attack of the Killer B-Movie.  She is a sharp and ruthless operator on the lighting desk.  Having served nobly on the WIT Committee, Hedy now dreams of owning a dog and of being able to fingerpick the ukulele.  She enjoys long walks along Wellington’s south coast, but not on the beach because she doesn’t like the feeling of sand in her shoes.


Micetro for Little Sprouts banner

Micetro in support of Little Sprouts, May 5th 2019


(but there’ll be other great shows on soon)

Beloved improv elimination competition Micetro is back for another bite of the cheese.

A crew of eager improvisers will again battle head to head using wit, spur-of-the-moment storytelling and risking everything for an the love of the audience.  There’ll be songs!  Drama!  Pathos, bathos probably a bit of logos!    A mix of seasoned improvisers and adorable newcomers and everyone in between will play their hearts out to decide who gets eliminated and who survives to be crowned ‘Micetro’.

All profits from the night go to support Little Sprouts – a charity which gives free life-changing baby boxes to babies in real need!

When: 7pm Sunday May 5th 2019

Where:  Southern Cross Garden Bar Restaurant, 39 Abel Smith St, Te Aro, Wellington

We’ll be in the Guest Room – turn left past the bar at the back), so grab a delicious beverage of your choice before you come in to sit down. Note that because it’s licensed premises if you’re not a grownup you’ll need to bring a parent, and if you are a grownup but look under 25 you’ll need to bring some ID.

Tickets:  $10/$5 concession.  Pre-buy tickets on Eventfinda or door sales

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