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It’s the WIT AGM Again, on June 29th 2021


WIT’s Annual Meeting is happening at the Whiskey Lounge at The Establishment, the Corner of Blair St and Courtenay Place, from 6pm on Tuesday June 29th.  It is going ahead even if Wellington remains at Covid-alert level 2 (but please follow all the venue requirements about scanning in, social distancing etc).

If Wellington shifts to Covid Alert level 3, the AGM will be rescheduled to later in July.

Key things to know:  People must be registered members of WIT and physically present to vote (a possible change to this rule suggested last year will be presented at the AGM).  A quorum of 15 people is needed.  Only those who consent will be elected to the new committee!

For your reading pleasure, here is the Agenda, and the Minutes from last years AGM.


WIT’s official rules, as downloaded from the Charities Website on 27 June 2021


WIT Rule change– a proposed rule change to allow possible remote attendance at future AGM’s, to be presented at the meeting