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WIT show posters

Young and the Witless VI, 2012

Young and the witless 6

It is 1982, and Roseneath University is kicking off its 99th year as a elite beacon of academic excellence atop Mt Victoria. Still recovering from a tumultuous year of student protests and the scandalous departure of the previous vice chancellor, the staff and students of Rosey U are looking forward to a fresh start. And with new management, new challenges and new relationships await!

From the players who brought you Love Possibly, Micetro, and CSI Wainui, comes the return of Wellington’s best and only Improvised Soap Opera – The Young and the WITless. Follow the lives of the staff and students of Roseneath University as WIT weaves a tale of drama, melodrama and mischief with nine shows in nine weeks at The Fringe Bar; every episode totally improvised, every twist and turn a surprise.

And while the performers live in a world where cell phones are a dream of the future, the audience are encouraged to participate by live-tweeting the show. Share photos, quotes, and memorable moments with the hashtag #WITlessSoap.

Drawing on both NZ’s soap tradition (Shortland St, Gloss, Palmolive) and WIT’s own improvisation pedigree The Young and the WITless VI will make you laugh, cry, and feel every emotion a poignant stare into the middle distance can muster.

The Young and The WITless VI
Directed by Jennifer O’Sullivan
Featuring: Christine Brooks, Nicola Pauling, Steven Youngblood, Kate Wilson, Lyndon Hood, Barry Miskimmin, Danni Taylor, Matt Hutton, Wiremu Tuhiwai, and Simon Smith

Photographer: Ali Little

WIT show posters

Last Saloon, 2012

An improvised western

Welcome to the unwritten frontier, where everyone is wild at heart, and every stranger brings a story. WIT’s latest show seeks to evoke the Wild West, exploring character without limits and comedy where no laws apply. Playing with the darker, rougher side to the International Comedy Festival it opens at the venerable BATS Theatre on 15 May 2012 at 6:30pm.

The actors find the comedy in the rich characters and foreboding atmosphere of tension that the Western genre provides. This show will truly be a journey into uncharted, unscripted territory, and the audience is invited along for the ride.

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WIT show posters

Divas and the Beast, 2012


Divas and the Beast ran as part of the 2012 Fringe Festival, February 23 – 26 at BATS Theatre, and featured WIT’s Improv Divas.

Theatreview.org described the show as “a good concept well executed”.

Troublesome neighbours? Difficult spouses? Offensive bosses? Never fear! The Improv Divas (NZ’s only all woman improv act) are here with a brand new show that takes on the hassles of modern life and offers purely improvised solutions.

Taking inspiration from the magazine columns & TV style ‘Agony Aunt’ programmes of old, Divas and the Beast serve up performances to both educate and delight the audience. Continue reading

WIT show posters

The Young and the Witless V, 2011

Young and the Witless iconThere is an episode by episode summary on the show’s Facebook page.   Back for its fifth season in June and July 2011 Wellington’s best, and only, improvised soap opera turned its overly melodramatic eye to the highly competitive and scandalous world of indoor social netball. Team mates and lovers, friends and coaches, nemesis and referees – all ripe for soft lens over-acting and long dramatic pauses with a swelling musical score.

WIT show posters

Young and the Witless 4, June – August 2010


Lust . . . Betrayal . . . Family
Wellington’s only improvised soap opera returns!

At the Fringe Bar
Wednesdays 2 Jun 2010 to 25 Aug 2010 

Cast included:
Geoff Simmons, Christine Brooks, Simon Smith, Karen Anslow, Jennifer O’Sullivan, Paul Sullivan, Wiremu Tuhiwai

Fresh from knock out seasons of Micetro, Improv Divas, and Gods & Heroes, the Wellington Improv Troupe is back with another titillating season of intrigue, secrets and unrequited lust!

Join the Wakefields, NZ’s #2 retail family as they battle tough economic times, off shore manufacturing, and each other for control of the legacy of great granddad Wakefield.

 commented that the show attracted “large and exuberant houses who are not disappointed as the improvisers deliver a compelling combination of narrative twists, character based gags and sardonic breakings of the fourth wall”

WIT show posters

The Improv Divas 2010

Improv DivasWellington welcomes back The Improv Divas

The Improv Divas are back! NZ’s leading ladies of improv are ready to rock the capital with an all new, all improvised show in 2010’s International Comedy Festival.
Produced and performed by an all-female ensemble cast from Wellington Improvisation Troupe (WIT), The Improv Divas will lead you through an hour of humour, honesty and hilarity, telling stories made up on the spot based on audience suggestion and whatever the ever-present wind blows in. Continue reading