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Hayley Cherryblossom

Hayley moved to Wellington on a whim, after a five year OE left her feeling the need to find where she belonged. After taking a couple of WIT’s introductory classes, she reconnected with how much she had loved improv back in her high school days, and she found her place as well as a sort of a family in the community of WIT.  Soon she was onstage, playing in Fringe and Comedy Festival shows, starting with the 2014 Battle of WITs and Return to the Planet of Forbidden Improv (for which she made some amazing props, including a four metre long pink fluffy tentacle).

Hayley has served her share of time on the Committee, as variously Members Rep, Co-ordinator and Co-Ceative Director of WIT.  As well as being a regular performer and trainer, she has become a veteran producer, responsible for the likes of Attack of the Killer-B Movie and Lovecrafted.  She has a real love for improvised music and rhyme- if there’s the chance of a song, she’s in.  Sometimes even in key.

As a trainer she loves experiencing that moment where people take the lid off the box of improv, and really start playing with it.