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Keith Johnstone

Keith Johnstone an internationally recognised authority in the field of improvisation, great chunks of which he created, including improvisation forms Theatresports, Maestro Impro (played in NZ as Micetro), Gorilla Theatre, and The Life Game. His books Impro, and Impro For Storytellers, have been translated into many languages.

Keith worked at London’s Royal Court Theatre for its ten most revolutionary years (1956 to 1966), and has taught at many European Theatre Schools, including six years at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, and each spring for fifteen years at the Stattensteatre Skole in Copenhagen. Places where he has taught since include San Francisco, Brisbane, Sydney, Seattle,Vienna, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, London, Hong Kong, Austin (Texas), and Tokyo. He has lectured at the Deuches Institute for Provocative Therapy, and from teaching ‘clinic clowns’ in the Bavarian Alps. He founded the Theatre Machine improvisation group, the International Theatresports Institute, and was the Co-founder of Calgary’s Loose Moose Theatre. He is a Professor Emeritus at Calgary University.

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Over the years several WIT members have made the pilgrimage to The Loose Moose Theatre in Calgary to attend the Summer School. Although the theatre is no longer lead by him, it is still infused with his philosophy and playful generous approach to improv.

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Secret Origin of Improv, 2004

Secret Origin of Improv

In June 2004, WIT hosted a 5-day masterclass by the great Keith Johnstone, bringing together twenty improvisers from around the country.  With Keith directing, a show was staged on the night of the 27th of June, showcasing his approach to improv and the talents of the masterclass students.

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Keith Johnstone in Wellington

In June 2004, WIT hosted a 5-day masterclass by the world’s greatest authority on improvisation, Keith Johnstone, in Wellington. Bringing together twenty improvisers from around the country, the masterclass was the greatest event in the national improv calendar in 2004. Keith appeared on stage for the first time in New Zealand on Sunday 27th June in ‘The Secret Origin of Improv’. With Keith directing, the night showcased his approach to improv and the talents of the masterclass students. While he was in Wellington, Keith also delivered training for the New Zealand School of Drama, WIT’s Tuesday, and WIT’s militant youth wing, Joe Improv.