WIT Creative Director

Role Description

Position: WIT Creative Director


Responsible to: Wellington Improvisation Troupe (WIT) Members
Key Relationships:
  • Co-creative Director (if applicable)
  • WIT Committee members
  • WIT Trainers
  • WIT Producers
  • WIT Members
  • External industry professionals
Position Description: To provide creative direction for the Wellington Improvisation Troupe
Commencement: At the WIT AGM
Hours: 1 evening per month – Committee meeting

Additional 10 hours per month (depending on involvments)

Key responsibilities and accountabilities:
As a member of the committee:

  1. Make every effort to attend all Committee meetings and devote sufficient time to become familiar with the organisation and the wider community for whom it operates
  1. Contribute to decision-making about the organisation’s objectives, policies and procedures
  1. Ensure the organisation operates legally
  1. Monitor and evaluate how well the organisation is meeting its objectives, and take appropriate action as required
  1. Represent the organisation at external meetings, forums etc (where appropriate)
  1. Promote the organisation and its work
  1. Work for the greater good of the organisation in an ethical manner showing respect for fellow committee members and ensuring fair and full participation of all committee members
  1. Respect the confidentiality of information discussed at meetings
  1. Declare any conflict of interest which arises through the member’s work or relationships in another capacity for WIT or outside of WIT
  1. Commit to serve for the whole year of elected office, except in exceptional  circumstances.

As Creative Director:

  1. Be our creative leader, with the Coordinator
  1. Provide creative direction and leadership, and develop a WIT improvisation concept with the group
  1. Be in a lot of WIT shows and be overall responsible for training (or delegated as appropriate)
  1. Take the lead on performance and training issues
  1. Be overall responsible for trainings and mentor trainers, producers, directors, and MCs (or delegated as appropriate)
  1. Put together and keep a living creative plan (purpose, goals, activities)
  1. Based on the creative plan, maintain and run a training schedule
  1. Be overall responsible for development and coordination of space for training and performance (or delegated as appropriate)
  1. Define and maintain WIT standards
  1. Represent and promote WIT and WIT’s brand
  1. Help members develop their unique/individual role within the group and facilitate group harmony
Person specification:
  • Ability to manage workload independently
  • Professional manner in all external communication
  • Good organisational skills and attention to detail
  • Ability to inspire others with leadership
  • Ability to practise good improvisation in accordance with the philosophies of WIT
  • Good understanding of the production of theatre
  • Theatre industry knowledge