WIT shows


In improvised theatre some of the jargon is a little different from regular theatre.

  • We are players not actors
  • We train, we don’t rehearse
  • We have formats and show structures, not scripts

Keith Johnston has two show formats which are our favourites, Micetro which uses a knock-out games format and includes all levels of players, and Gorilla, a more advanced format where players take turns directing each other in scenes.

As well, we put on shows that we develop ourselves (often inspired by a genre of literature or film), and formats that members have discovered when travelling or that are bought to us by wonderful teachers and staged with permission.

WIT is also the group that established the New Zealand Improvisation Festival, held most years in Wellington – although this delightful fest of fun is now its own independent organisation.

Our shows tend towards the comic, but can be gritty, witty, silly, hard, adult, intense, over-the-top, and filled with drama.

Check our current shows section, or browse through the archives and wallow in the wonderful theatre that will never be seen again – but might come back to be enjoyed in a new way.