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WIT Training

WIT provides improvisation training and opportunities for performance at every level, including beginner, regular troupe training, special workshops and more.


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The Joy of Improv (aka Level One)
Improv for the Stage (aka The Next Step or Level Two)
Tuesday Workouts See front page of website for current details, these are usually be held at Te Auaha, 65 Dixon St.


Think you can be WITty? Learn to improvise scenes and tell stories in a supportive and fun group environment at one of our improvisation courses at the Wellington Community Education Centre (WCEC) at Wellington High School. These courses are recommended for absolute beginners, theatre practitioners wishing to learn more about improv and those who are wishing to brush up their skills.  Most courses end with a guided performance for family and friends.

Our presenters are among Wellington’s top creators of improvised theatre; devising, creatively leading, training, producing and performing in comedy to drama to melodrama and back again.

The Joy of Improvisation. Our introductory course happens four times a year on Thursday nights from 7.30-9.30pm, cost $175, and each runs for eight week

Term dates 2024

  • Term 1: Thursdays 15 February to 4 April
  • Term 2: Thursdays 9 May to 27 June
  • Term 3: Thursdays 1 August to  19 September
  • Term 4: Thursdays 17 October to 5 December

Enrolments for 2025 will be open from early December.

To register call the WCEC directly on 385-8919, email or do so via their website

Improv for the Stage, The Next Step – Level Two

For people who have completed an introductory course, “next step” courses run at least twice a year, usually in term 2 and term 4 . If you have past experience but have been away from improv for a year or two, these are a great way to get back into the swing of things.  You are most welcome to join our Tuesday night sessions. If you’re not sure where you fit or have any questions, contact us.    To register call the WCEC directly on 385-8919, email or do so via their website .

The courses will run on eight consecutive Thursday nights from 7.30-9.30pm

2023 dates

  • Term 2: Thursdays 9 May to 27 June
  • Term 4: Thursdays 17 October to 5 December

 Tuesday nights

Regular Tuesday-night training is held for WITsters who have undertaken the beginner’s courses or have had some previous training or experience elsewhere that would make integration easy.   [Current details on the home page].   

If you’re curious, but unsure as to whether it’s right for you, contact us.

* Note that in the lead up to show seasons Tuesdays may go on hold for a while, and we usually take a break over Christmas.  We try to end most years with a show, around the 2nd week of December, and then take a break until after Wellington Anniversary weekend in January.  Also sometimes the people who own the building we train in need to use it for something (usually they just move us to another room).  But if you haven’t been before or for a while, check before you come along to make sure it’s happening.  Ask us to sign you up to the members newsletter!

WIT School

WIT School courses have been run over 4-8 weeks by a Senior Trainer. There is an extra charge for these, and they may be held at a different venue.  Past courses have included included Character, Shakespeare, Long Form, Storytelling and Sceneography.  Check WIT’s Facebook Events for starting dates and options.


As well as the regular Tuesdays, sometimes we have guest tutors on Tuesdays, and sometimes special workshops are run during a weekend. Past WIT workshops have been lead by fabulous overseas teachers such as Rebecca De Unamuno, Bobbi Block, and Patti Stiles and by fabulous local teachers such as Greg ‘Vance Fontaine’ Ellis and stunt fight trainer Peter Hassall.


WIT’s philosophy is cooperative with a focus on providing pathways for all players. For those players with considerable experience of improvisation, we encourage the development of skills in all areas related to improvisation (including MC-ing, directing, training and producing). To develop the broad range of skills, experienced WITsters have the opportunity to train and assist at the CEC courses and at WIT’s Tuesday sessions, to train and perform as an MC at Friends and Family shows, and produce or direct WIT shows.

WIT also supports the production of shows that demand higher levels of player experience. The Creative Directors or the Creative Lead in a show select players for advanced shows based on an assessment of the player’s readiness, the mix of players required for the show and the limited places available. Sometimes this will be after a casting workshop.  Additional training for such shows is provided. Experienced players are encouraged to initiate their own shows and train for them, with WIT providing institutional support and creative direction where required. Training is usually cooperative in nature, with training supplemented by WIT’s Creative Directors if required.

If you’d like more information about improv training with WIT, contact us or just signup to receive our newsletter.