Micetro winner surrounded by admirers

Micetro, Winter Season 2024

Beloved improv elimination competition Micetro is back for another bite of the cheese.  The magnificent  Lorraine was once crowned the Greatest WIT in Wellington.  This time . . . well, there will be challengers.

A crew of eager improvisers will again battle head to head using wit, spur-of-the-moment storytelling and risking everything for an the love of the audience.  There’ll be songs!  Drama!  Pathos, bathos probably a bit of logos!    A mix of seasoned improvisers and adorable newcomers and everyone in between will play their hearts out to decide who gets eliminated and who survives to be crowned ‘Micetro’.

When: 6.30pm Thursdays nights 11 April, 2 May and 6 June

Where: BATS 1 Kent Tce, Wellington

Book tickets via BATS