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WellingSIN City, 2009

mini_wellingsincityFringe Bar, from 10 to 24 May 2009, also in the Improvathon 2010

A totally improvised noir where YOU call the shots!

Murder, Revenge, Justice, Improv… following in the tradition of Bogart, Rooney, and Bacall, explore the mean streets and dark underbelly of WellingSIN CITY; an improvised noir where YOU call the shots. Six of Wellington’s best improvisors explore and develop the classic tradition of noir in 70 minutes of action, intrigue, and double dealing.

Artistic Director Steven Youngblood thinks the time is right to bring improvised noir to the public: “Noir is definitely in the public consciousness. Movies like Sin City, Max Payne, Brick and The Good German are making noir popular again. We’re very excited about seeing Wellington through the hazy veneer of post-war prejudice and mistrust. Throw in the current climate of recession, and I think we have a show that Wellington can really get into.”

Audiences can expect more WellingSIN City than just some light giggles “while there will be some very big laughs, the humour will come from events and motivations within the story, rather than some of the glossy schtick you may find on televised improv.”

We all have our demons, but how we exorcise them is up to you. From the people that brought you “To Be Continued”, “Love Possibly”, and “The Young and the Witless”.