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WIT Dreamz, 2011

logo Dreams showHop into bed with us!

It’s time to delve beneath the duvet into the subconscious mind of dreams and nightmares.  In WIT Dreamz, Wellington’s finest improvisers will weave the audience’s night-time visions into a web of surreal, hilarious and occasionally spooky stories.

Why do we dream? This is a question that has puzzled priests, philosophers and pscychologists throughout the ages. Now a bunch of improvisers are determined to find the answer! Before each show the audience anonymously writes down snippets of their dreams and nightmares. The improvisers then use these dream inspirations to create scenes, stories and songs, taking the audience on a hilarious journey around the most bizarre corners of the human mind.

“You will have never seen a show quite like this”, says WIT Director Geoff Simmons, “If you are used to Theatresports style improv this show will blow you away. WIT Dreamz is a completely original show, being performed for the first time here in Auckland. We love it because there is no better inspiration than the crazy stuff floating around in our heads.”

“another small miracle of ingenious group creativity” John Smythe, Theatreview.

Shows in Wellington at the Fringe Bar 20 and 27 April, and Auckland at the Maidment Theatre 18-21 May 2011