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A row of improv characters in front of a curtain, including a cow and some tentacles

Five Hundred Shows Later – NZIF 2023

A community full of classic improv characters come together for an epic celebration show. What could possibly go wrong?

This show happened in the past! There were a lot of doorknobs (“Every conceivable, inconceivable and improbable connotation of doorknobs entertainingly explored“), and it was a delight to be part of the 2023 NZ Improv Festival in Wellington. Maybe we’ll bring it back one day.

Five Hundred Shows explores what happens when a small town of enthusiastic amateur dramatists build the most epic show that was ever built.

Where: The Stage, BATS Theatre, 1 Kent Terrace Wellington
When: Friday October 6th, 8pm
Tickets: BATS Website or ticket office

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